Game10000 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.45

Game10000 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.45

Description of Game10000 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) 1.45 for android (unlimited money)

This app supports Fullhouse, i. “3 equals” and “2 equals” in one shot. As a result, with the rule of confirming, you have more often the chance to win more points. This gives the game an extra kick.
The app dices with light-flooded colored glass cubes.
Any number of players can roll in parallel, each on his smartphone, and everyone sees the score of the other players in each round (in the free version 2 players). The score includes rounds, points, number of zero rounds and more.

The game 10000 is a dice game for any number of players and easy-to-understand rules. It is played here with six dice and is also known under names like Farkle, Macke, Zilch, etc. Only the ONE (value = 100) and the FIVE (value = 50) have a value and then some combinations like Paschs and roads.

You can roll as often as you like, as long as you score a value every time you roll.
if you do not get any value, you have a zero-round, also called Farkle.

If all the dice have contributed to the value, the app rolls again and you have to confirm. The winner is who reaches the game goal with the fewest rounds.
The game results are saved and there are statistics.

The values ​​of “three of a kind” are:
2 2 2 = 200
3 3 3 = 300
4 4 4 = 400
5 5 5 = 500
6 6 6 = 600
1 1 1 = 1000
The value of “four of a kind” is 2 times the value of “three of a kind”. The value of “fife of a kind” (yahtzee) is 5 times the value of “three of a kind”, but 5 ONEs at a time is rewarded with 10.000 points.
The value of “three of a kind” or “four of a kind” doubles, if a double is in the same throw (Fullhouse), e.g. 3*1 and 2*4 gives 1000*2 – that means, more dice are used and the probability of confirming is increased. In the case of two “three of a kind” you may use both and must confirm, the rule with doubling will be applied.

Then there are three roads, one large and two small:
1 2 3 4 5 6 = 1000
1 2 3 4 5 = 500
2 3 4 5 6 = 500
In addition there are three doubles, who are rewarded with 1000 points.
Common to most of the rule variants is that you have to roll a minimum value, otherwise you take zero points. Some variants require 350 points, the app has 300 points implemented.

After Registration
the main menu opens and shows a list of groups, where you are a member of. You become a member, when you create a group or another player adds you to one. The one who creates a group, will be the admin of it and may add and remove players, as long as these are part of your contacts. The |new group| button serves to create a group.

Clicking on the play game button opens the game page and the six dice are automatically rolled. You can select the cubes by touching them. When you have your selection together, you click one of the two buttons below, depending on what you want:
a) | roll again | – the remaining dice are rolled again
b) | collect | – earn, what you got so far
With that decision you control the risk of getting a zero-round – you can increase your earnings or lose all of that round.
In case b) the round score is added to the game score and the dice are automatically rolled for the next round. However, if all the dice were used (hot dice), all 6 dice are rolled again for the current round and you have to confirm, means, get at least one value, but one may roll more. So one may significantly increase the score or finally lose all.
For a player the game is over, when the game-goal is reached, but that does not mean, that the entire game is over. The game is over, when the player with the smallest number of laps has reached the goal, this one is the winner.
The winner has the possibility to set the game state to ‘finalized’, that means, that no other player can compete the current winner.

For now the app is free for a 2 players per group. For more players there will be a payment variant of the Game or in-App-Payment.
impressum upon 2 clicks and more in stats, local mode deactivated

Game id: de.androidnewcomer.game10000

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App Name Game10000
Package Name de.androidnewcomer.game10000
Version 1.45
Size 2.4 MB
Requirement Android 7.0+
Updated 2020-08-04
Installs 500+
Category Casual, Games