GoNoodle Games – Fun games that get kids moving APK MOD (Unlimited Money) 2.0.0

The free GoNoodle Games app features fast-paced mini-games that get kids jumping, waving, ducking, and holding a pose to earn points, dodge obstacles, and have a ton of fun!

Kids love the GoNoodle Games app because it’s a blast to play, and parents love it because it gets kids moving!

Active Screen Time: The only way to play GoNoodle Games is to get off the couch and jump, stretch, and pose! Since every mini-game requires movement, playing is a great opportunity for kids to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and get active.

GoNoodle Favorites in Games: The GoNoodle Games app features kids’ favorite characters, moves, and music that they giggle and wiggle to in the classroom and adds a fun, new, fun game-play twist!

A Free, Easy Entertainment Option: The GoNoodle Games app doesn’t require any extra hardware and ties real-time movement to earning points, reaching new levels, and helping the GoNoodle Champs. All kids need to have fun is a mobile phone or tablet and the free GoNoodle Games app.

Safe for Kids: Everything is designed especially for kids (ages 4-10).
The GoNoodle Games Party Pack includes two new mini-games, cool power-ups and a Party Mode (a whole new way to play) that can be obtained with a one-time in-app purchase.

New games include Rad Chad’s Backyard Scramble and Van Go’s Paint Like a Pro!

Sign up for a GoNoodle account, and you’ll get access to the leaderboard where you can see your high scores and compete with other players!

Game id: com.gonoodle.gonoodlegames

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